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exotic fish

L397 Pleco Exotic

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Size 3-4cm , 4-5cm , 6-7cm , 8-10cm

L333 Pleco Exotic 5cm

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Breeding Egglayer
Care Level Advanced
Diet Omnivores
Family Loricariidae
GH Level GH (General Hardness) in aquariums measures minerals like calcium and magnesium. It affects fish health by showing water\'s mineral content. 1 – 8 dGH
KH Level KH (Carbonate Hardness) in an aquarium stabilizes pH. It acts like a shield, keeping the water conditions just right for fish. 6 -10 dKH
Origin Arunana , Brazil , Goias , Rio Araguaya
pH Level Aquarium pH measures water acidity/alkalinity. 7 is neutral. Fish have pH preferences; maintain ideal levels for their health and stability. 6.0 – 7.5
Social Peaceful
Size , ,
Temperature Ideal temperature needed for fish 22°C – 27°C