Coral Sand 10kg Bag

  • Authentic coral reef sand for aquariums.
  • Ideal for cichlids, promoting natural behaviors and vibrant colors.
  • Regulates pH level and fosters a balanced and harmonious aquatic environment.
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Introducing “Coral Sand” – the natural substrate that brings the beauty of the ocean into your aquarium while providing a host of benefits for your cichlids and pH level. Sourced from pristine coral reefs, this premium aquarium sand is specially formulated to enhance the well-being of your aquatic environment and create an ideal habitat for your beloved cichlids.

Key Features:

1. Natural Beauty of the Ocean: Crafted from authentic coral reefs, this sand captures the stunning hues and textures found in the ocean floor. Its alluring appearance adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to your aquarium, transforming it into a captivating underwater paradise.

2. Ideal for Cichlids: Designed with cichlids in mind, the Coral Sand creates an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Cichlids, known for their vibrant colors and distinctive behaviors, will thrive in this substrate, promoting their well-being and overall health.

3. Regulates pH Level: The Coral Sand is enriched with essential minerals that help maintain a stable pH level in your aquarium. Its unique composition contributes to buffering capabilities, preventing sudden fluctuations and providing a conducive environment for cichlids to flourish.

4. Promotes Breeding Behaviour: Cichlids are known for their intricate breeding behaviours. The soft and fine texture of the Coral Sand encourages natural spawning activities, providing a safe and comfortable substrate for them to lay and protect their eggs.

5. Beneficial for Other Tank Inhabitants: Beyond cichlids, the Coral Sand fosters a harmonious environment for other tank inhabitants. It enhances the overall biological balance, supporting beneficial bacteria and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

6. Safe and Chemical-Free: Rest assured, the Coral Sand is free from harmful chemicals and artificial dyes. It’s carefully processed to preserve its natural properties, making it a safe and reliable choice for your aquarium.

7. Easy to Maintain: The Coral Sand is low-maintenance, requiring minimal effort to keep your aquarium pristine. It doesn’t cloud the water when added or disturbed, ensuring clear visibility of your captivating underwater landscape.

Elevate your aquarium to a new level of beauty and functionality with Coral Sand. Watch as your cichlids thrive in their natural-like habitat, displaying their radiant colours and engaging behaviours. Create a stable and balanced environment for all your aquatic inhabitants, and enjoy the wonders of the ocean within the comfort of your own aquarium. With Coral Sand, experience the essence of the coral reefs in your underwater world.

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