Red Crystal Comet

  • Comet: Dazzling goldfish with a shooting star-like flowing tail.
  • Peaceful and sociable, perfect for community aquariums.
  • Enjoy their brilliance for up to 20 years as they gracefully grow up to 12 inches.
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Scientific Name: Say hello to the brilliant “Comet” (Carassius auratus), a dazzling goldfish variety known for its long, flowing tail that trails behind like a shooting star.

Water Quality: Provide a clean and well-maintained aquatic environment for your Comet to shine brightly in its underwater galaxy.

pH Level: Maintain the pH level of the water between 7.0 and 8.4, offering a slightly alkaline to neutral environment for your Comet’s optimal health.

GH Level: A moderate general hardness (GH) level between 8 to 12 dGH supports their growth and vitality.

KH Level: Keep the carbonate hardness (KH) level around 4 to 8 dKH to ensure a stable and comfortable environment for your Comet.

Feeding: Comet is an active eater, relishing high-quality flakes, pellets, and occasional treats of live or frozen foods like brine shrimp and daphnia to keep them vibrant and energetic.

Tank Mates: Comet’s friendly and peaceful nature makes them excellent companions for other calm and non-aggressive fish like other goldfish varieties, danios, and tetras.

Sexing: Determining the sex of Comet can be challenging, especially when they are young. During breeding seasons, males may display white tubercles on their gill covers and pectoral fins.

Breeding: Breeding Comet requires a separate breeding tank with plenty of vegetation and hiding spots. Witness the beauty of the courtship dance as the male chases the female and the female lays eggs for the male to fertilize.

Maximum Size and Longevity: Admire the striking beauty of Comet as they grow up to 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) in length. With proper care, they can grace your aquarium with their brilliance for up to 10 to 20 years, shining like a true shooting star.

General Information: Comet’s elongated and flowing tail is its signature feature, evoking the image of a shooting star as it elegantly swims through the water. Their captivating appearance and active demeanor make them a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.

A Fun Fact: Did you know that Comet is one of the oldest and most popular goldfish varieties in the world? They have been cherished for their beauty and charm for centuries, earning their place as a beloved aquatic gem.

In conclusion, Comet is a dazzling shooting star that will illuminate your aquarium with its grace and charm. Embrace the brilliance of Comet as they glide gracefully through your underwater cosmos, captivating all who behold their radiant presence. Welcome this striking aquatic wonder into your aquatic realm and enjoy the spectacle of Comet’s celestial beauty.


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