Senegal Bichir

  • Senegal Bichir: A captivating “living fossil” with ancient features and predatory instincts.
  • Optimal Water Conditions: Temperature – 75°F to 82°F, pH – 6.5 to 7.5, GH – 5 to 12 dGH, KH – 5 to 15 dKH.
  • Fascinating Aquarium Addition: Thrives in a well-decorated tank with suitable tank mates, growing up to 14 inches and living up to 20 years.
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Welcome to the mysterious world of the Senegal Bichir, a captivating and ancient fish that combines unique characteristics of both fish and reptiles. With its prehistoric appearance and graceful movements, the Senegal Bichir is a fascinating addition to any aquarium.

Scientific Name:

Scientifically known as Polypterus senegalus, the Senegal Bichir belongs to the Polypteridae family, and it is native to the freshwater rivers and swamps of West Africa.

Water Quality:

  • Temperature: The Senegal Bichir thrives in water temperatures ranging from 75°F to 82°F (23°C to 28°C), replicating its natural habitat.
  • pH Level: Maintain a slightly acidic to neutral pH level between 6.0 to 7.0 for the optimal health of the Senegal Bichir.
  • GH Level: Keep the general hardness (GH) level between 5 to 15 dGH to ensure a suitable mineral balance.
  • KH Level: A carbonate hardness (KH) level between 2 to 10 dKH is recommended to maintain water stability.


The Senegal Bichir is a carnivorous predator, and its diet should consist of protein-rich foods. Offer them a variety of live or frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and small fish. They may also accept high-quality pellets or frozen foods designed for carnivorous fish.

Tank Mates:

Due to their predatory nature, it is essential to choose tank mates carefully. Opt for species that are large enough to not be seen as potential prey and that can handle the Senegal Bichir’s water requirements. Suitable tank mates include:

  • Other large and peaceful fish like some cichlids and catfish species.
  • Larger tetra species like Congo Tetras or Buenos Aires Tetras.

Substrates and Tank Decorations:

Provide the Senegal Bichir with a well-decorated aquarium featuring sand or fine gravel substrates to mimic its natural habitat. Include driftwood, rocks, and caves to create hiding spots and give them a sense of security.

Suitable Plants:

Since the Senegal Bichir is primarily a carnivorous species, live plants are not their preferred food. However, if you wish to add greenery to the tank, opt for hardy and sturdy species such as Anubias or Java Fern that can withstand their presence.


Sexing Senegal Bichirs is challenging and may require examination of their genital papillae, a process best left to experienced aquarists or breeders.


Breeding Senegal Bichirs in a home aquarium is rare and quite challenging due to their specific requirements and behaviors. Successful breeding usually takes place in large, specialized setups maintained by experienced breeders.

Maximum Size and Longevity:

The Senegal Bichir can grow up to an impressive 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 cm) or even larger in some cases. With proper care, they can live for 10 to 20 years, making them a long-term commitment for dedicated fishkeepers.

General Information:

The Senegal Bichir’s unique combination of ancient features and predatory behavior makes it a sought-after species among aquarium enthusiasts. Their interesting behaviors and resilient nature add a touch of intrigue to any aquarium setup.

A Fun Fact:

The Senegal Bichir is often referred to as a “living fossil” due to its resemblance to ancient fish species that lived over 100 million years ago. Its distinctive appearance and unchanged characteristics over time have earned it this fascinating title.


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Where I am from


West Africa

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Care Level


Potential of Hydrogen

pH Level Aquarium pH measures water acidity/alkalinity. 7 is neutral. Fish have pH preferences; maintain ideal levels for their health and stability.

6.0 – 7.0

General Hardness

GH Level GH (General Hardness) in aquariums measures minerals like calcium and magnesium. It affects fish health by showing water\'s mineral content.

5 – 15 dGH

Carbonate Hardness

KH Level KH (Carbonate Hardness) in an aquarium stabilizes pH. It acts like a shield, keeping the water conditions just right for fish.

2 – 10 dKH


Temperature Ideal temperature needed for fish

23°C – 28°C

How long will I live

Life Span

10 -15 Years

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